San Ysidro Ranch Wedding by Amanda K.


Marlo and Bobby had a beau­ti­ful clas­sic vintage-styled wed­ding. Located at the gor­geous San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Bar­bara, the cou­ple added some spice to the envi­ron­ment while keep­ing most the scenery nat­ural. Neu­tral col­ors with a splash of pink and yel­low made this wed­ding one out of a dream. Amanda K. was there to won­der­fully cap­ture the sim­ple details and this cou­ples amaz­ing love for one another. Enjoy!






Advice for Other “New­bie Brides”…

Like most, I would rec­om­mend enjoy­ing all the lit­tle things — although you will feel stressed at times, remem­ber that there will be a time later where you wish you were still plan­ning such a won­der­ful event. Enjoy the get­ting ready and have as many or as few peo­ple as you want there and do what­ever you would like, mak­ing the ambiance exactly what you want — it will set the tone for the rest of the day. Although every­one will tell you they have every­thing under con­trol, trust your instincts and if you feel like you need to con­firm, reit­er­ate, or ask ques­tions to make sure peo­ple know the plan or haven’t for­got­ten some­thing — don’t feel bad doing it. If things hap­pen to not go as planned, let it go — it’s most likely too late to change it and you will be mad at your­self later for let­ting it bother you — your time is pre­cious on this day, it’s not worth the stress. And lastly, like every­one says — the day will go by EXTREMELY fast and after you know, it will all be over. Make a point to have you and your groom step aside (away from the party) and take a 5, 10 or even 15 min­utes to your­selves, to catch each other up on the day or just to give each other a hug AND if pos­si­ble, have an after party fol­low­ing the recep­tion — it will sur­prise you how fun an unplanned send off can be.



Girl Meets Boy…

We met in col­lege at Ore­gon State Uni­ver­sity our fresh­man year and were intro­duced by Bob’s child­hood friend, who hap­pen to be my new soror­ity sis­ter and room­mate. We were friends through­out col­lege until our junior year, when one day we real­ized we might be more than friends. We have been together for 8 years and within that time we adopted our fur child (a Havanese dog) named Alvin — who we knew for sure would be at our wed­ding, no mat­ter where it was! We both had the mind­set that we would get mar­ried some­day, but there was no rush. We wanted to make sure the time was right and wanted to accom­plish a few things before tak­ing that next step. We both knew the tim­ing was right about the same time and Bob pro­posed in Man­hat­tan Beach, CA on 5/6/11 while I was there vis­it­ing my par­ents and sib­lings. It was a total sur­prise and he made sure to fly in my best friend and his par­ents to be there too. He ended up propos­ing on the beach at the Man­hat­tan Beach Pier and I had no clue every­one was there until I turned around and saw them stand­ing up on the pier. My dad took pic­tures through­out the pro­posal and we had such a great evening celebrating!



Color Palet…

The col­ors were neu­trals like blush pink, ivory, cream, gold, sil­ver a few bright accents like magenta pink for my shoes and yel­low for lemon can­dies to fit the new last name.



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Mem­o­rable Moments…

The cer­e­mony, the cer­e­mony, the ceremony…It was every­thing we imag­ined it to be. Writ­ing our own vows and our won­der­ful offi­ciant made it amaz­ing (and Alvin jump­ing up on my dress and then get­ting tired and lay­ing down up there next to us). We also picked CA for many rea­sons for our wed­ding, one being that we would be rain free (Ore­gon in Octo­ber can be tricky) and of course it started to rain right before the cer­e­mony. We decided the show must go on and right as I walked out with my dad the clouds parted and the rain stopped. The cake cut­ting was also nice, because you don’t real­ize how busy and caught up in the moment you are — so it was nice to have that time to recon­nect and real­ize what was hap­pen­ing around us.











Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

We both knew we wanted a small inti­mate wed­ding, so we decided on a roman­tic hacienda chic vibe. We wanted some­thing unique that we hadn’t seen a lot and that fit our wed­ding venue, San Ysidro Ranch — in Santa Bar­bara, CA.



RADDEST Wed­ding Vendors…

Our pho­tog­ra­pher: Amanda K Pho­tog­ra­phy: What an amaz­ing tal­ent and energy she has! Bob and I had worked with her for our engage­ment pho­tos and we knew she would be the one we had to have for our spe­cial day. She was not only won­der­ful, in good spir­its and help­ful, but she was a breath of fresh air dur­ing a chaotic pre-ceremony morn­ing. I couldn’t have imag­ined her any better.

Our offi­ciant: Jon Ire­land: He is not only great at what he does but so insight­ful and every­thing he says has such mean­ing and value to it. Our cer­e­mony was the best part and we have him to thank — we also got so many com­pli­ments from our guests on his words and presence.

Our venue and the event staff/Food/Cake: San Ysidro Ranch: This loca­tion is not only beau­ti­ful but the staff is there to help with any­thing and every­thing. From the spe­cial food require­ments, to exe­cut­ing the nights events and through the whole plan­ning process they were extraordinary.

Our fur­ni­ture com­pany: Rrivre Works: I don’t know that I have seen such beau­ti­ful fur­ni­ture before. They cre­ated cus­tom pieces for our wed­ding that were bet­ter than I had imag­ined. They were pro­fes­sional, timely and han­dled every­thing with such ease and efficiency.

All these ven­dors are truly tal­ented and we are very grate­ful to have met them all and had them apart of our spe­cial day.





We were excited about LOTS of things, but to nar­row it down to a few: We loved the idea of writ­ing our own vows and hav­ing Alvin there to wit­ness it, the cocktail/appetizer inspired recep­tion with sig­na­ture cock­tails, the gluten-free/dairy-free/sugar-free wed­ding cake, the spe­cial­ity fur­ni­ture made for our recep­tion — like tables, end tables and bar/bar back, our spe­cialty signs and the sparkler send off! Sorry, way more than a few details, but I couldn’t choose!



Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Amanda K. Pho­tog­ra­phy | Offi­ciant: Jon Ire­land | Venue and Staff: San Ysidro Ranch | Fur­ni­ture: Rrivre Works | Flow­ers: Flower Wild

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