Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding by Jen Disney


Lorne and Chloe had a very clas­sic vin­tage wed­ding at the beau­ti­ful Cour­t­house in Santa Bar­bara. The tal­ented Jen Dis­ney was there to cap­ture their spe­cial day in this classy bliss. The bur­gundy, deep pur­ple, and orange col­ors set the tone to give this wed­ding an autum­nal feel. Mixed with some tal­ented wed­ding ven­dors, this day was truly magical.


Girl Meets Boy…

Lorne and I met in early 2010 when he moved to Los Ange­les from Toronto, Canada. He works in film and tele­vi­sion, and he wanted to get in on some of that sweet, sunshine-y Cal­i­for­nia show busi­ness after some years of work in Canada. While set­tling in and look­ing for gigs, he got a job as a pro­jec­tion­ist at a small art house movie the­ater where I worked. For our first date, we went to the Santa Mon­ica Pier to ride the Fer­ris wheel. From then on, we were insep­a­ra­ble and never failed to find some­thing fun to do together since Lorne wanted to do every­thing there was to do in LA. For me, it made me feel like a tourist in my own city, which was great.

After a year or so of try­ing to get things going for his LA career, it wasn’t work­ing out too well. He was con­stantly get­ting offers to work on shows that were film­ing pretty much every­where but Los Ange­les, and he was even­tu­ally forced to take the jobs and head back home to Toronto for months at a time. We’d visit each other in between blocks of shoot­ing, and it was always hard for both of us to be apart. After almost two years of doing a semi-long dis­tance rela­tion­ship, we decided we’d had enough. I’d make the move to Canada with him so we could be together. Last sum­mer he came to LA for a visit, and the day I picked him up from the air­port he wanted to go see a movie in Santa Mon­ica. I sug­gested we go to the pier after­wards, just like our first date. Lit­tle did I know that that was exactly what he had planned! He very non­cha­lantly sug­gested we go on the Fer­ris wheel, and when we got to the top and the wheel stopped, he got down on one knee in the lit­tle swing­ing gon­dola and asked me to marry him.

























Wed­ding Plan­ning Inspiration…

I’ve always had a fas­ci­na­tion with the art and fash­ion of the first half of the 20th cen­tury, so I knew I wanted to incor­po­rate a vin­tage feel. It was impor­tant to find a venue that reflected that, and the Santa Bar­bara Courthouse’s Mural Room def­i­nitely fit the bill. I just loved the col­ors, archi­tec­ture, and mood of the room. For the recep­tion, I wanted to incor­po­rate two things: my love of books and Lorne’s love of honey.

I worked as a mes­sen­ger clerk for the Los Ange­les Pub­lic library (in addi­tion to my the­ater job men­tioned ear­lier), and absolutely pos­i­tively love books. I gath­ered up as many vin­tage books as I could find, many bor­rowed from my grand­par­ents, and incor­po­rated them into the tablescapes and dec­o­ra­tion. I set up a card cat­a­log with all the guests’ names and table num­bers for them to find their tables. Once at their tables, they found their names type­writ­ten on a library check­out card slipped into a pocket on a lit­tle bag of good­ies at their seats.

Lorne loves honey more than Win­nie the Pooh does. It was lucky for us that my uncle, Joe Romance (that’s his real name!), is a major bee­keeper and honey pro­ducer. We got loads of honey from him, which my brides­maids and I bot­tled into small jars to give out as favors. We also included mini honey dip­pers and vin­tage Bit-O-Honey can­dies in the goodie bags.

We played jazz from the 1920s up through the 1940s in the din­ing room dur­ing the meal to set the mood. I also wanted to give it a bit of a per­sonal DIY feel, so my brides­maids, friends, and I made all of the dec­o­ra­tions and favors for the recep­tion. And a friend made the cake and the cup­cakes! One of my uncles lives at Seabridge in Oxnard, and we were allowed the use of their beau­ti­ful club­house for the night to hold the reception.



Mem­o­rable Moments…

One moment that sticks out to me was the first dance. We danced to Cole Porter’s “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)”, and it was painfully obvi­ous that we had not prac­ticed at all. Ever. We were laugh­ing the whole time because we were just kind of fum­bling around and never quite get­ting it together. It was prob­a­bly the longest two min­utes of our lives.

When I asked Lorne what his most mem­o­rable moment was, he sim­ply replied, “You.”






Other than that lit­tle detail where we became hus­band and wife, there was lots to be excited about. I was really excited about the recep­tion dec­o­ra­tions we had set up the day before, and I was just really excited to get all of the fam­ily together. I was also excited to see how the cake and the cup­cakes turned out. I told my friend who was mak­ing them that I wanted flow­ers on both the cake and the cup­cakes, and I think she did a really great job set­ting them up and dis­play­ing them.



Advice for Other “New­bie Brides”…

There are a lot of things that I could have done with­out in order to save money. Just keep mind that things may cost more than what you antic­i­pate, so be sure to keep a buffer. One of the biggest over­sights I had in the money depart­ment was on the dress; the dress itself was rel­a­tively inex­pen­sive, but the alter­ations really added up.

Get as much help as you can from your friends and fam­ily (but ask politely, of course!). I found that I had a hard time del­e­gat­ing tasks to peo­ple because I wanted to do it myself and make sure it was done right. In real­ity, that made all the prepa­ra­tions a lot more stress­ful than they needed to be. Don’t worry, it’ll all come together beau­ti­fully! All that mat­ters is that you’re mar­ry­ing the one you love, all the rest is just the cherry on top


RADDEST Wed­ding Vendors

Our pho­tog­ra­pher, Jen Dis­ney, was great. She drove up to Santa Bar­bara all the way from Orange County, then down to Oxnard for the recep­tion. She was def­i­nitely a trooper doing all that trav­el­ing. She made us feel really com­fort­able even though we hadn’t actu­ally met her in per­son until we arrived (sep­a­rately) at the cour­t­house. Also, she did a great job wran­gling my rel­a­tives for the fam­ily pho­tos, which was quite a task.

Tom with Tours á la Carte was fan­tas­tic. His pric­ing was really rea­son­able, espe­cially in com­par­i­son to all the other vin­tage car rental places I had con­tacted, and the car was beau­ti­ful (a 1957 Bent­ley). We also opted for the cham­pagne ser­vice, which was a really nice touch. He drove us from the cour­t­house to our recep­tion venue, which a lot of other dri­vers said was too far of a dis­tance to go with an old car. Tom also obliged us when we said we wanted to stop along the way for some pho­tos by the beach with the Bent­ley, and he even sug­gested the per­fect spot in Mon­tecito to do it. We were def­i­nitely impressed with his service.

We also had great expe­ri­ences with the peo­ple affil­i­ated with the cour­t­house and the cer­e­mony. Linda, who booked our cer­e­mony at the cour­t­house, was really help­ful with my many ques­tions, and (our offi­ciant) Judge Clif­ford Anderson’s sec­re­tary Deb­bie was extremely accom­mo­dat­ing and friendly in arrang­ing our com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the judge. Like Jen, we didn’t actu­ally meet Judge Ander­son in per­son until we arrived at the cour­t­house, and he was perfect.



Wed­ding Artists | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Jen Dis­ney | Cer­e­mony Venue: Santa Bar­bara Cour­t­house Mural Room | Makeup Artist: Melissa Mur­dick | Hair Styl­ist: Bri­anna Woods | Car Ser­vice: Tom Reed of Tours a la Carte | Rentals: Event Rents | Dress: David’s Bridal | Dress Alter­ations: Ree­nee at In Stiches

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